iWTC – The ultimate realm for the focused women of Kerala

Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation Limited is all set to accomplish a historical milestone with the launching of iWTC – International Women Trade Centre, the ultimate realm for the focused women of Kerala. The core aim of iWTC is the all-inclusive empowerment of women, effecting a gradual shift in their social status by making them financially stable and secure by enhancing their inborn skills and taming it to international standards.

iWTC, is an exclusively designed infrastructure for women to train and nourish their skills,  upgrade their trade, enhance their knowledge and secure the best business opportunities. In addition, iWTC envisages the promotion and trade of handicrafts and traditional artefacts, which represents the culture and heritage of the land. The trade and marketing of such crafts, which reflects the cultural heritage of the region, provides a well-established platform for local women artisans to showcase their skills and make a better living. This saves the waning handicrafts, the skilled craftsmen and other artisans from the verge of extinction by offering them an enhanced life style with permanent income source. iWTC envisions to set up a permanent store for various artisans to sell their indigenous products and create a space for preserving cultural heritage and traditions through the performance and exchange of other traditional art forms.

Health, hygiene and sanitation aspects are also covered under the prospects of iWTC. iWTC will be a perfect abode for women to be independent and self- reliant.

At iWTC, global standards of business and trade would be observed in order to be in the global race. Global competitiveness would encourage entrepreneurs to strive for the best opportunities.


The International Women’s Trade Centre has planned specific objectives to enhance the quality and skills of women:

  1. To support, encourage and empower women for pursuing their business interests and endeavors.
  2. To create a world class platform for emerging women entrepreneurs that will place them on par with global business houses.
  3. To provide women entrepreneurs the opportunity to interact with peers and connect with business leaders in their respective sectors, potential long-terms advisors and investors.
  4. To establish itself as a vital and significant hub for women entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals in their respective sectors.
  5. To promote cultural transactions through the trade and marketing of traditional handicrafts.
  6. To create a space to encourage and strengthen cultural heritage, art and traditions.


The Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation Ltd (KSWDC) is proposed to provide Entrepreneurship Training Programmes to widows within the age group of 18- 55 years to ensure the economic development of widows by extending financial and consultative assistance to start business ventures through this scheme. Our proposed Entrepreneurship Development Programme aims to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial quality of women and empowering them to share economic progress equitably. The programme is designed to help widows in strengthening entrepreneurial motive and in acquiring skills and capabilities necessary for playing entrepreneurial role effectively. The EDP is proposed to be organized across the State over a span of 6 months. The sessions will be handled by eminent resource persons within the State. The duration of each training programme would be 3 days and is designed for widows below 55 yrs of age.

  • Impart Entrepreneurship Awareness among the widows in the State
  • Create awareness on various aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • Helps to formulate a clear road map for future business venture
  • Loan assistance for widows to start new ventures
  • Ensure economic empowerment of widows through this scheme


The Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation with the objective of reaching out to ST Women, a marginalized section of the society proposes the setting up Day care and Integrated Skill Development Centers for ST Women, on a pilot basis in two tribal settlements in the state. These centers shall function as skill hubs aimed at upgrading the skills of ST women in various traditional/ modern vocations / trades depending upon their existing skill set, present economic trends and market potential, which would enable them to gain suitable employment or enable them to become self – employed. It is also proposed to provide maternity and child care facilities at the centers so as to support and augment its services. These facilities shall include maternity care, nutritional support for pregnant and lactating mothers, conduct sensitization and medical camps, first aid, ambulance services and provision of day care and child care facility.

  • Set up an integrated skill development centre for the comprehensive development of tribal women
  • To provide maternity and child care facilities
  • To use ST women as a platform for generating awareness to their community on social issues
  • To increase employability and ensure the economic development of the community
  • To encourage tribal’s participation in development of society and to cater the basic needs of the community


It is now a well-known fact that more and more women are leaving the safety of their homes in search of dignified labour. In urban as well as suburban areas, there is greater need for working women’s hostels to provide them safe and affordable accommodation. Economic empowerment of women is one of the most vital conditions for the upliftment of women’s social status. It is a necessity to provide the women who are compelled to leave their families for employment, a safe and conveniently located accommodation plus day care facility for their children below 3 years of age at affordable rates near their place of employment.

Also there is a pressing need for ‘Short Stay Homes’ in Kerala. There is a dearth of women-friendly short stay homes in this state. Lot many women visit Kerala, for business or related purposes. But the most possible difficulty faced by them is the shortage of Short Stay homes. Also there is no provision in the state to accommodate domestic violence victims, stranded women, destitute or as the like just for a single night. Most probably the concerned authorities will have to seek the help of NGOs or similar agencies. But all these non-profit organisations will allow entry till 6/7 ‘o’ clock. So taking into concern the present social circumstances and the violent incidents that happen every day against women, irrespective of day or night, there is a great need to have transitional homes in every district to accommodate women in need.

KSWDC plans to launch ‘Vanitha Mithra Kendra’ as a Working Women’s Hostel cum Short stay Home in every district of Kerala. As the existing facilities are highly inadequate, this proposal intends to construct new hostels cum short stay homes in the 14 districts of Kerala with a view to provide safe and convenient housing for working women stranded away from their domestic environment.

  • To provide safe and convenient accommodation to women at affordable rates
  • To provide transitional stay (victims of domestic violence, destitute etc.)
  • To provide day care facility to the kids (below 3 yrs) of women inmates


One of the main issues faced by Women is the non-availability of hygienic and women friendly public toilets. The facilities for women to freshen up or take a short break on the move are unthinkable in Kerala as such facilities are not yet available. KSWDC, in association with Kerala State Lottery Department, Local Self Government Institutions and Kudumbashree, is planning to find a solution to this problem through the implementation of Fresh-up Centres in public premises.

Fresh-up Centre is conceived as a small unit which has comfort station. Fresh-up centres will have properly maintained toilets, space for breastfeeding, relaxing areas, and a snack bar in a convenient environment. The fresh-up centres will be constructed at bus stands, railway stations, tourist centres and other important locations all around Kerala. The fee for availing the services will also be at a reasonable rate.

The KSWDC hopes the centres would also help women travellers get basic amenities while on the move. They need not wait in long queues as the fresh-up centres will offer a hassle-free environment. The focus of Fresh-up centres is to provide clean and hygienic facilities for women.

  1. To provide safe and hygienic comfort stations to women and those travelling with them at public spaces
  2. To offer comfortable short stay centre at reasonable rates for women to take rest or to breast feed their babies.
  3. To ensure economic empowerment of at least two women through the maintenance of the snack bar and the toilet.


With an objective to transform the transportation systems in the state by introducing standardization of services, KSWDC envisages to restore ‘She-taxi’ services in Kerala.

The 24/7 She Taxi Service traveler cab system will be designed and developed to safeguard the safety of women  travelers especially, the working category , students, Tourists visiting Kerala etc. KSWDC plans to provide a safe,  responsible and reliable alternative Travel Cab System for the women populace by reviving the She-taxi cab service  integrating it with advanced technology. This transformational and unconventional initiative will create an enabling  and pro-active environment to address the ever-growing threats on the safety and security of women lives while  contributing to the social and economic empowerment of women in the State on a massive scale.

The unique innovative intervention seeks to introduce the safe, reliable and full- fledged women oriented traveller  cab system to enhance the level of safety and security to the women and young girls. 24/7 women taxi service is  designed and developed exclusively taking in to consideration the various parameters that can by all means avert  thread and in security that looms around women especially while travelling. The 24/7 women drive taxi service  system will enable the traveller to serve via Call/SMS and App based online system.

  1. To provide safe and comfortable transportation to women
  2. To ensure the safety of women travellers