The Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation (KSWDC) seeks to bring women out of binding normative strictures by making them active participators in societal development and progress. It means the Government of Kerala’s concern in empowering the women of the state. For KSWDC, a just and equal society is not a distant utopian dream, for here empowerment is real and yields tangible results. By encouraging women to be ambitious and confident about their success drives, KSWDC furnishes them with the required support system that makes their needs come into fulfillment. Economic dependence being a weighty hurdle in the realization of such a cause, the organization has many a scheme and policy to cater to the growing demands of the women of the state.

KSWDC (The Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation Ltd) is operating for the betterment of women in Kerala. The body came into being in the year 1988 with a mission to address the advancement of women within the state. As per the statistical profile of women on National Census, Kerala is a model state of India in terms of Health, Education, Employment, Political Participation and Decision Making but the state is trailing behind in gender related matters. Economic dependency was one of the reasons that leave the women with no voice in their households. So in its initial years of operation i.e. from 1988 to 2009 , the body concentrated on providing Financial Support to women entrepreneurs to start up their new ventures for gaining economic independency in the family. In the later years KSWDC also took on the responsibility of creating and implementing projects that would facilitate the overall development of women in society. The empowerment of marginalised women through education, training and the creation of vocational opportunities is essential for the sustained growth of the literate women of Kerala.