Smt. Rosily V.A, 49 yrs, Kaloor, Kochi

From the financial assistance of Rs. 95,000/- granted by the Women’s Development Corporation, Rosily had initiated a ‘Hardware shop’ in the year 2002-03. Women running a hardware shop were a rare scene in a great metropolitan city like – Kochi. Though her education was limited to Std X, she had successfully managed the novel venture that involves considerable risk and challenge. As the business made a sweeping success, she could easily repay the full amount without many impediments.

As her spouse was bedridden, she was the sole earning member of the family that includes three children. However, the monetary backing from the corporation was a real boon for the family which falls below the poverty line.

From the confidence level and motivation gained, she thought of enlarging the business after 4 years (2007). As she was prompt in her repayment, she managed to avail another loan of Rs 95,000/- from the same. Currently, she is getting a monthly net profit of Rs. 10,000/- per month from her business.

When she looks back to the past years, she feels contented and proud. Above all she is grateful to the co-operation and assistance of KSWDC for making her life independent and successful.

Dhija T.D, 31 yrs, Vallarpadam, Kochi

The family owned ‘Chemmenkettu’ was kept idle for many years due to financial crisis. In order, to reawaken this, Dhija sought the help of the corporation. During the financial year 2006-07 she was granted a loan amount of Rs. 25,000/- to activate ‘Prawn Cultivation’.

As she had a good knowledge backup about this cultivation, she found it rather easy to set up her business. The loan was indeed a real boon to her and now she makes a net profit of Rs. 6000/- every month from the venture.

She hails froma poor pulaya community and is educated upto the 10th standard. Her husband is a daily wage labourer and hertwo children are studying in a nearby school.

Now she feels content as she was able to revitalize her family owned asset. She says that she would not have been able to accomplish the task without the help of the corporation.

Sarasu K. T, 46 yrs, Kalamassery, Kochi

Sarasu hails from a pulaya community and has passed 10th standard. The only source of income for her family had was from the wages earned by her daily wage labourer husband. Meeting the needs of a family with two children was impossible through the money earned by him. Under this circumstance, she approached the corporation for a loan. With her house by the roadside, it wan’t hard for her to start a general merchandise shop using the financial assistance of Rs. 30, 000/- given by the corporation in the year 2006-07.

Now she is earning a handsome profit of Rs. 4000 a month. She could repay the loan without any default. The timely assistance and intervention of the corporation and the new found occupation has brought forth new colours to her life.

Valsala.T,35 yrs, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Valsala and her husband ,Vijayakumar, were running a small restaurant nearby her house in the heart of the city. Though not profitable,they had to depend on it as it was their only source of income. It was then that they came to know the loan scheme of the corporation. on applying, they were allocated a lump sum of Rs. 25,000. With that they purchased the necessary utensils and other items required for the betterment of the restaurant. This turned their business profitable and now with the profit earned, they are repaying the loan.Their whole family ambience benifitted from the assistance given and they are grateful for the timely aid given by the corporation.

Omana.D, Vattappara, Thirvananathapuram

Due to the early demise of her father, the responsibility of looking after her family members was vested upon Omana at a very young age. This cast her life into sheer poverty and agony.
From the awareness generation programme conducted by the corporation, she came to know about the loan facilities and its allied aspects. This inspired her into approaching the corporation and applying for a loan to set up a restaurant. She was given Rs. one lakh . Gradually, she began to profit from the new business. This turned out to be a blessing indeed for her family that was baffled by poverty.

Her prompt loan repayments reflect much about the kind of life she is leading now. Pleased with the corporation’s timely intervention and aid, she now lives on her income and holds a positive attitude towards life

Rose John, 36 yrs, Thoppumpady, Kochi

With a certificate in beauty therapy and two years experience in the relevant field Rose approached the corporation to set off an independent beauty parlour.

Thus in the year 2007-08, the corporation had granted a loan of Rs. 95,000. With the help of other two co-workers,she rented out a space and set up her business there.

Banking on her social skills and academic orientation in Sociology,she is faring well in her business. Her supportive husband makes her journey into success less strenuous for her.

A take- home profit of Rs. 8500 per month, she is now enjoying her life with three sons and doing her business good.

Smt. Shyamalakumari.V, Thamalam, Thiruvananathapuram

She obtained a fianancial assistance of Rs. 47,500/- in the year 2003 to set up a provisional store The meagre income that her daily wage labourer husband brings home did not help much in making her ends meet.This made her seek refuge in the corporation.

Using the financial assistance given, she set up her store and has cleared all other financial liabilities. She is making prompt repayments to the corporation and in no time will be cleared off her financial obligations.

V.k Anitha, 34 yrs, Thirumala, Thiruvananthapuram

After the demise of her husband – Sri Sarasidhran, she started humble a fancy store in a hired building .Once she came to know about the loan schemes of the corporation for scheduled castes , she applied for one. She was availed a loan of Rs. 25,000 under the SC scheme in order to expand her existing fancy store.

With only a 1oth standard education and 2 children to support, she says that without the help from the corporation,she would have been forced to shut down her store. Now she is paying Rs. 738/ – every month without any default. From the return of the business, she now effectively manages to pay the rent, look after the household chores and cater to children’s education in a much better way. She swears that it is all because of the co-operation and assistance of KSWDC.

Sajani Antony

She had started a day- care centre – ‘LORDS’ in the year 2000 meant for children between the age group of 2.5 – 3.5 yrs. As years passed by LKG and UKG were also incorporated.

Economic crisis posed hurdles in the smooth functioning of the nursery. She had approached many banks. Due to high interest rates and rigid formalities of such places, she could not seek support from them.

With the corporation’s low interest rates and simple procedures ,she could easily get the laon of Rs 1,00,000. This helped her in improving the quality of the nursery and adding more facilities for the children. She says that the financial assisitance from KSWDC immensely helps the women to grow and come forward in the society. Her institution now holds a good reputation and Sajani is leading a content life.

Noorjahan. M, 42 yrs, palayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Noorjahan with the co-operation and joint effort of her husband and son is running a mobile shop that includes sales and other services. She had availed a loan of Rs 75,000. She is now paying back without any default.

Vasanthakumari T, Valikode, Thiruvananthapuram

With a loan of Rs 47, 500/- she has constructed a shop close to her residence and has started a provisional store.

She hails from a low economic family that includes 3 daughters and her husband. There is no specific source of income for their family. From the small business started from the loan of corporation, the family is gradually getting relieved of financial liabilities and is making prompt repayments .