Eyeing for the Future

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Gender Awareness Campaign

Kerala ranks high on many women-specific development indicator which includes health,education, employment,political participation,decision making etc. The National Census ,2000, even when rightly recording this,leaves us apprehensive about the biased gender ascriptions that plague our popular mind-sets.

KSWDC is entrusted with the lofty responsibility of levelling gender inequalities in the state.The unique approach it takes towards addressing this issue is reflected in its various undertakings aimed at demystifying biased notions for males and females alike.A prudent foresight marks all its intiatives.

Some of them are:

1. Virtual Gender resource Centre

-- Organising Gender Role Workshops

-- Seminars, Webinars & Lectures

-- Training

-- Consultancy

-- Liaison & Advocacy

-- Support for carrying out analysis & research

2. Residential Seminars

-- Mock Parliament

-- Sessions on Indian Administrative system

-- Sessions on how to write the Civil Service exam

-- Interactive sessions with eminent personalities

-- Sessions on Entrepreneurship(how to become self-sustained)

-- Sessions on Gender Awareness

-- Sessions on job options

-- Success stories/ motivation

-- Leisure activities like making paper bags, jewellery, soft toys and fabric painting

-- Enriching Competitions

3.Video Programmes

-- Video programmes in rural schools for adolescent girls

-- Video programmes on success stories of women entrepreneurs and SHGs

-- Video programmes for women in colleges

4. Web based Job Portal for Women

-- Job catalogues

-- Job search options (Expertise, Location, Keyword search, remuneration etc.)

-- Resume Services

-- Job Alert Services

-- Job Application details and interview schedules

-- Help and guidance whenever required

-- Group application facilities for multiple jobs